I am not just one voice; I am part of a community of scholars, teachers, parents, and faculty of color who support UMSL United!”

Adriano Udani, Assistant Professor of Political Science

By supporting our union, I am standing for the rights of all professors to earn fair wages and better access to benefits. When an academic institution teaches about the ideals of equality, they should also demonstrate fairness in their policies and practices.”

Jenni Nolan, Assistant Teaching Professor, Anthropology and Archaeology

As social workers and faculty members in the school of social work, we deeply believe in equity and social justice. By supporting our union, we are standing for the right for all professors to earn a fair wage. Please support us and stand with us as we make our voices heard!”

Lori Curtis, Linda Glover, Courtney McDermott, School of Social Work

I support our union because there is too much inequity across higher education. When faculty are concerned about their salaries, benefits, and whether or not they will have a job next semester, it affects their ability to do the best teaching, research, and service for UMSL. A union will support a stronger educational culture for professors, students, and the surrounding community.”

Lauren Obermark, Assistant Professor, English

I believe that unionization can help faculty address numerous problems in higher education, but the most pressing of these problems is the increasing reliance on adjunct labor.  Adjunct faculty are typically overworked and underpaid, and we have no institutional voice, little if any support, and no job security from one semester to the next.  While these circumstances are certainly difficulty for adjunct faculty, ultimately students are the ones who are paying the price.  I have seen too many great teachers leave UMSL because of poor working conditions, and it is time for these conditions to change.”

Micheal Smith, Adjunct Instructor, English